Why does Company Require a Recruiting Agency?

The need for Recruitment Agencies:
Recruitment agencies are the companies that act as an intermediary between the organisations looking for the job and the candidates looking for the career opportunity. They help both the companies which have recruited these agencies and the candidates looking for jobs to fulfil their needs. These agencies filter the job applicant that the companies might be looking for and make the process of hiring smooth and easy for the companies.

Recruitment agencies are the firms that have majorly specialised and have in-depth knowledge of a specific employment sector. A company should hire a recruiting agency because it is a hard process for the company to find a well-qualified candidate for their company. The recruiting process would need a lot of time and money. So, many companies hire recruiting agencies so that they get sufficient time to expand the business and give training to the existing employees so that they execute better.

Organisations have to incur extra cost on advertising the job but when the companies hire these recruiting agencies then this extra cost is cut as these agencies have the data of all the candidates seeking the job.

Recruitment agencies are also significant if some company is in requirement of the employees immediately then instead of starting the whole process of recruitment again the company can approach these agencies. If a company has hired a recruiting agency then the agency has to keep the entire information of the candidate that they have given to the companies and make sure that they are working according to the companies rules and regulations.

Advantages of Hiring Recruitment Agencies:

1. Screening Process Becomes Easy and Smooth: 

When a company employs a candidate they perform a multi layer screening process before deciding him for the job but in case of the applicants coming from recruiting agencies some of the steps of the interview has been done with them by the recruiting agency. So the screening process becomes slightly easy and smooth.

2. Have Sector Expertise: 

Recruitment agencies have the consultants who have expertise in a specific job sector and also in screening, filtering and profiling the candidates, which the in-house team of the company may not have.

3.Time and Cost Savers: 

Companies can save their time and cost which they have to spend/bear on the promotion of the particular job opening/vacancy, as the recruitment agencies already have plenty of candidate’s data who are looking for that specific kind of job.

4. They Access The Best Candidates:

 The Young and Fresh applicants, who are in search of a job, register with the recruitment agencies and they do shortlist the perfect candidates according to the distinct requirements of different organisations and jobs.

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